Advertising Jingles
In today's world of broadcast, the same old, same old, will never do. In order for broadcast advertising to be effective, it must be remembered. We produce original jingles that are unique, extremely appealing, and cost-effective. Learn More ...

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Radio Commercials
When you need to get your radio ad  on the air in first class form, and in record time, there's no better choice than Waterfall. We've written and produced hundreds of creative radio spots that help our clients get outstanding results. Learn More ...

Original Music Scores
Music is pure emotion. The right music score can mean all the difference. Here at Waterfall Music, our expertise in music composition and production is unsurpassed, as is our extreme diversity of musical styles. Learn More ...

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Advertising Jingles
Custom Radio Commercials
Original Music Scores
TV Commercials

Film and Digital Video
The combination of eye-catching images creatively blended with an exceptional soundtrack is key to a successful TV commercial. When it looks great AND sounds great, it's truly magic. Learn More ...

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